Symbiosis of Opposites

Mariusz Kruk

Symbiosis of Opposites

9.07 - 14.08.2020

Ul. Źródlana 4
60-643 Poznań


Mariusz Kruk does not create the division for the so called "black and white",he assumes that it's a path from black to white through all the shades, that it is connectivity, not two extreme situations. ‘The story about micro-events included in the artworks, about noticing and presenting, often unnoticed phenomena that appear to us, among many orbiting matters around us, is the core of meaning’. With watchmaker’s precision, Kruk tries to catch from (his) world all the moments "in between” that fill our lives and his life so perfectly, and to record them in the objects he creates "1


Mariusz Kruk, born in 1952 in Poznań, studied painting at the Fine Arts University in Poznań. He graduated in 1982, and then between 1983 and 1994 he worked as university lecturer. Since 2005, he has again worked at Poznań University. He established group Koło Klipsa which functioned until 1987. Since he left the group, he has been working individually. Between 1995 and 2002, Kruk lived in the south of France. He is mainly preoccupied with painting, drawing, he creates assamblages and installations. He is also an author of short poetic forms, fairy tales and stories.

1 Fragment of text for the exhibition, author: Magda Kleszyńska


Photos: Tomasz Koszewnik