Moving image matter

MAK Gallery Weekend
Galeria 18A, Bracka 20B Street

Video is pre-chewed material, processed matter of reality. The camera is a sort of symbol, a crystal through which we create our view and opinion of the world. Like magnetic field, unseen, shapes bits of metal into patterns, video shapes our minds through references of real world. Observing moving image requires more than eye, there is wider content within image itself.

Exhibition “Moving image matters” presents a cross-section of Matej Al-Ali`s work. Sculptures accompanying video art in the exhibition are not props or backdrops, they are part of the filming process, like camera and light. Their presence is a proof; the exhibited sculptures are synthetic witnesses of recorded reality.

Matej Al-Ali (*1985 in Bardejov, SK) is Iraqi-Czech artist based in Prague. He studied at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Matej’s artwork is focused on exploration of objective mechanics, physical work and tactility. Author works in media such as videos and video-objects, mostly documentation on the border of labor and specific physical exercise.

His artworks were shown in Prague´s galleries such as Futura and MeetFactory. Internationally, Matej has shown his work Berlin, Hungary, Norway and NYC.